Genji is an effective flanker and duelist by default, but he's even better when used by a skilled "Overwatch 2" player.

Basic knowledge of how to play Genji is essential to learn the rest of his techniques. For those who are ready to master the cyber ninja, here are some more advanced tips to take note of when playing "Overwatch 2."

Animation Canceling

The recovery animation for Genji's attacks can be canceled, resulting in faster damage output for quicker eliminations.

Normally, players would use his secondary fire to throw a fan of three shurikens as Genji's main source of damage. The short recovery timing after each throw can be immediately followed up by either a melee strike or Swift Strike.

Genji's Dash Cancel is his bread-and-butter technique in high-level play. It lets players immediately deal more damage than a usual Swift Strike while also closing in to put immense pressure on an enemy.

When in very close range, use melee attacks to complement shuriken throws and guarantee free damage. This can easily deal up to half a DPS or Support hero's health depending on the number of shurikens that hit. One burst damage trick involves throwing a fan of shurikens and instantly dashing to an opponent.

Additionally, his animations can also be canceled by using Deflect or by running up a wall. These are particularly useful when reloading.

Dragonblade Combos and Cancels

Dash Canceling also applies to Genji's ultimate ability. The usual Dragonblade combo involves the shuriken-dash move above and immediately using Genji's ultimate. More often than not, enemies will already be low on health thanks to the initial attack, leaving them open for a Dash Cancel with Dragonblade.

To reiterate, Dash Canceling is the act of following up an attack with Swift Strike. Using this technique with Dragonblade results in easy 170-damage executions that can be chained from one kill to the other thanks to Swift Strike's reset-on-elimination effect.

As such, try to dash toward another priority target to keep the chain going. If no other target is in sight, aim slightly toward the ground so both Dragonblade and Swift Strike can hit without sending Genji flying off into empty space.

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